What’s in a Name?

Where did the name, “Lamaster” come from?


See the Lamaster side of our lineage, from our parents all the way back to the first Lamaster footsteps on US soil.


Short “bios” on a few of the current generation of our line of Lamasters

Short Facts
  • Our immigrant ancestor, Abraham Lemaster (LeMaistre) came to the US from Saint Marie’s Parrish, Isle of Jersey, Channel Islands, UK.
  • “Lamaster” is one of many name variations that trace back to “Le Maistre” in France.

Knowing the uncertainty of life and the certainty of death… I give and bequeath my soul to the Almighty God…

-Abraham Lemaster (1722)
Other Sites

Check out an excellent website from another Lamaster line that also traces their family tree back to Abraham Lamaster.